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Dec 26, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly revealed via her Twitter page that the family's beloved chihuahua Martin died. She wrote on Sunday (December 25), "today is a sad day in the Osbourne family house hold we lost R dog martin of 14 years. Devastated does not quite sum it up! #NotSoMerryXmas."

Martin was featured prominently on the Osbourne family's reality TV show "The Osbournes" and was described by Ozzy's wife/manager Sharon in the "pets" section of her personal web site as "a sophisticated little creature" who was "professionally known as Martini Bianco." Sharon also wrote, "Shunning the affection of women, Martin prefers the love of a good man."

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Dec 26, 2011

Reactivated German melodic death metallers BEHIND THE SCENERY have inked a deal with Serial Six Records. The band is currently in the studio recording its as-yet-untitled fourth album for an early 2012 release. According to a press release, the follow-up to 2004's "Rétroviseur" "will contain about nine songs plus an intro and an outro."


Holger Speidel - Vocals
Immanuel Rein - Guitars
Marcel Renning - Guitars
Simon Abele - Guitars
Guntram Berger - Bass
Uwe Kurz - Drums

In March 2007, BEHIND THE SCENERY announced its retirement from the active music scene. In July 2011, following intense discussions between the members, this decision was adjourned. The band simply felt that it was the right time and place in order to come up with a creative output strong and diverse enough to stand as the logical follow-up to "Rétroviseur".

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Dec 26, 2011

Mark Kadzielawa of 69 Faces Of Rock recently conducted an interview with vocalist Biff Byford of British heavy metal legends SAXON. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

69 Faces Of Rock: When it comes to writing songs, you've been at it for over 30 years. How do you do it now? Do you still rehearse as much as you did back in the beginning, or have you developed a new formula for writing?

Biff: Sometimes we jam it, and the songs come out, and sometimes people bring things in, and we develop it. Usually what happens is I'm usually in charge of all the arrangements, and what riffs we actually use. So, I go to my hard drive and work on things. For example, the riff for "When Doomsday Comes", which is a little bit ZEPPELIN-ish, is a Nigel's riff. And he played it one day messing around on keyboards, and I recorded it secretly. When we were asked to do a film soundtrack, I played that riff back to him, and asked Nigel if he remembered doing this. So we wrote a song from that actually. The guitarists came up with their parts, and it all came together. So, it's a little bit of a melting pot process, I suppose. Sometimes I have lyrics, and different things. The guitar pats in "Mists Of Avalon" and "Ballad Of The Working Man" are mine. I wrote those. On the other hand, the guys might write some lyrics too. It depends really. Usually, we have one guy in control of all these pieces that are flying around, and that's generally what I do. I put them all together, and make songs really.

69 Faces Of Rock: So it appears that songwriting ideas could come from every member of the band.

Biff: Everyone contributes in one way or the other. It takes a long time to make a song from a guitar riff, or a vocal melody. It's not a song, and a lot of work gets done after that fact. But yeah, everybody puts in their share of the songwriting.

69 Faces Of Rock: Your old catalog is seeing the light of day again. The albums are very nicely remastered, with plenty of bonus tracks, and great packaging. Were you involved in bringing it back to life?

Biff: Yeah, I did a couple of the forwards for the EMI catalog. The back catalogue is what really keeps the band alive, I have to say. It sells continuously. Someone told me it sells one copy every minute around the world. The back catalog sells really well. And now it's coming out on vinyl again, so you got all the CDs and you got the vinyl. When you write so many great albums, and the first five or six were really big for us, song-wise, I suppose. That's why I think this album comes close to it because the songs are great.

69 Faces Of Rock: I know you've had a lot of dealings with former members who formed OLIVER DAWSON SAXON. The trademark case went to court, and there was a lot of bad blood there for a while. Did anything change?

Biff: We allowed them to use that name, OLIVER DAWSON SAXON, so they can earn some money, basically. They still do little clubs here and there. They do a lot of those tribute festivals where you bands impersonating other bands. So they do a lot of that, and so what, they don't really bother us too much, really.

69 Faces Of Rock: And there are no court case pending at this point?

Biff: No, it was all finalized years ago. They tried to make things spin out a bit by putting things on Wikipedia. They have a judgment against them, and they can't use the logo, or use the album covers, or anything really. They still continue to pretend to be in SAXON, which is a little bit sad. The SON OF A BITCH album ("Victim You", 1996) they did couple of years ago was actually quite decent. I quite like that album, when they came out with the guy named Ted Bullet singing. I like that album, and if they carried on with that, it could've been a bit of a threat, I suppose, but they didn't, so see you.

Read the entire interview from 69 Faces Of Rock.

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Dec 26, 2011

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH, the new band featuring Brooklyn, New York native Sal Abruscato — who played drums on three TYPE O NEGATIVE albums ("Slow, Deep & Hard", "Origin Of The Feces", "Bloody Kisses"), as well as four LIFE OF AGONY releases ("River Runs Red", "Ugly", "River Runs Again", "Broken Valley") — on guitar and vocals, has released the following statement:

"Due to conflicting schedules with BIOHAZARD, Bobby Hambel is unable to tour any further with A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH. We wish Bobby and BIOHAZARD all the great success they deserve on their upcoming release in January 2012. Eddie Heedles has been chosen as the new replacement for Bobby. Eddie is a shredding guitarist who has worked with the likes of Corey Glover (LIVING COLOUR), T.M. Stevens, Vernon Reid (LIVING COLOUR), SEKOND SKYN and THE WHITE CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE. We are excited to get back on the road and do what we do best see you soon."

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH earlier in the year inked a worldwide recording deal with Steamhammer/SPV for the release of the group's debut album, "And Hell Will Follow Me".

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH made its live debut on February 20, 2011 at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey as the support act for MONSTER MAGNET and SEVENTH VOID.

Abruscato previously stated about A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH's debut CD, "This is my first album where I composed and play all instruments, including vocals. Along with co-producer/guitarist Matt Brown (SEVENTH VOID), we have accomplished a very fresh sound and it includes guest appearances by Bobby Hambel, Keith Caputo (LIFE OF AGONY) and Ulrich Krieger (LOU REED).

"It is the darkest music I have ever written and recorded in my life, back to my sinister roots and I believe the fans will learn a completely different side of me."

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