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Aug 12, 2010

Nicole Powers of recently conducted an interview with original GUNS N' ROSES and current ADLER'S APPETITE drummerSteven Adler about his new tell-all autobiography, "My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N' Roses". A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. The last time we saw you was on VH1's "Sober House" when you'd very much relapsed. How did you get back from that?

Adler: Well, as you recall, I got arrested on the show. I went back the next day and they showed me the film of how I looked and acted. I was devastated. It crushed me that I looked so terrible and that I was such an asshole. And it's all because of the drugs. It made me see. I think everybody who has somebody in their lives that has a problem with drugs or alcohol, they should videotape them and show it to them the next day. I guarantee you'll change your mind on what you're doing with your life. I was devastated. I don't want to ever look like that again. Did that give you a new perspective on how you must have appeared to the other members of GUNS N' ROSES back in the day?

Adler: Exactly. Exactly. Working with Dr. Drew I learned so much about myself and about life. It's been nothing but a pleasure and an honor having him in my life. Also, in recovery there are relapses. I relapsed a couple of times in the last two or three years. The last time I relapsed was five months ago. I had to start all over again five months ago. Out of all the drugs that I've done in my life, I never did that OxyContin stuff. And I was at the wrong place accidentally at the wrong time and somebody gave me a couple of those, and then three weeks later my wife shows me a picture of me passed out in the hallway of the house. I saw that and it reminded me, it brought me right back to "Sober House". I called Dr. Drew and Slashup and I said, "I got myself into this predicament and I need some help. Can you do something for me?" He said, "When can you go into detox?" And I said, "Right now!" And see me, just showing an effort to take care of myself, I have everybody backing me. What prompted you to write the book?

Adler: Well, I hail Dr. Drew, because he has opened my eyes to things. What I wanted to do with this book, I wrote [about] everything in my life that bothered me and hurt me, and when I get off tour in two months I'm going to build a bonfire and I'll take the book and I'm going to throw it in the fire and I'm going to leave the past behind. Maybe in fifteen years from now I'll write a new book. Maybe I'll have a crazy interesting life again. But for now, I want to keep that in the past. I can't change the past. And with the band, we're brothers. We're always going to be brothers. And what do brothers do? They fight with each other. You hurt the people closest to you.

Adler: You might not like each other all the time, but you're always going to love each other. And what the five of us have, no one — not even Axl[Rose] and his lawyers — can take away. We have something special, and if we got into a room together again I would hug all those guys and tell them how much I love them. I'm hoping that Slash and Axl and Duff[McKagan] and Izzy [Stradlin] read this book, but I want especially Axl to read it because I want him to see, maybe it'll open his eyes to what a special thing we do have. More than anything I would love to do something with those guys because I feel like I want to finish what I started with them. We could be bigger than ever. The GUNS N' ROSES legacy shouldn't end with"Chinese Democracy".

Adler: That's not GUNS N' ROSES. He should have called that W, dash, A, dash, R. W-Axl-Rose, W-A-R. I think it would have worked out much better for him. Because GUNS N' ROSES is five guys. The last song I recorded was "Civil War" and tell me if I'm wrong, but I know I'm not, after that song it's a completely different band. Right.

Adler: It is so hard to find four or five people that you can get in one room and everybody has the same feeling, the same direction, the same love, the same desire. Where everybody knows what everybody is going to do before they're going to do it. That's what makes something special. There's millions of great musicians, millions of bands, but there's only those rare few that are special. There the PINK FLOYDs, there's the LED ZEPPELINs, there's the QUEENs, the AEROSMITHs, GUNS N' ROSES.

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Aug 12, 2010 recently conducted an interview with keyboardist Per Wiberg of Swedish progressive metallers OPETH. An excerpt from the chat follows below. You guys have been around for 20 years yourselves now, How do you feel about being considered a legendary act in your own right?

Per: Legendary is maybe a bit too much. Call us a band that's been around for 20 years. (laughs) I don't know... I think there's a few bands from our generation who have been around for a long time and I guess people enjoy continuity because it means everyone is enjoying what they are doing if they do it for a long time. Music is everything to everyone in this band so I hope that has something to do with it. You can only write and play the music you do; you can never count on people coming to the shows and buying the albums. How was playing the Royal Albert Hall?

Per: It was different but very cool, also a classic venue as well. We've seen loads of live DVDs filmed there and the venue showcased on Swedish TV so its kind of mindblowing to walk into that venue during the day when none of the audience were there, but then it's a busy day so you forget it and get into the groove. The show is being released on DVD as OPETH live at the Royal Albert Hall. When you put that package together did you at all discuss releasing all the other shows from the mini tour on DVD?

Per: It's a cost thing, especially if you are going to film every show, depending on what type of filming you want. This was filmed like all our other DVDs so that's pretty costly. I don't think it was ever considered but we have recordings of every show, but since it's a "Live At The Albert Hall" DVD that's what's being released now. I don't know if, or how, any of the other stuff is ever going to be released. The "Evolution XX" shows you did worldwide to celebrate the anniversary of the band and release of "Blackwater Park" were a special treat for the fans. How did the idea for those shows come about?

Per: Firstly, Mikael [Åkerfeldt, guitar/vocals] said last year, "We turn 20 years next year. What should we do?" Maybe we could go to a pub in Stockholm somewhere and bring some gear and if any of our friends wanna play a song or two they can and we'll drink beer. (Laughs) And it escalated from there to "Let's do a show at Royal Albert Hall." And then it was, "Well, let's do more shows in L.A. and New York if we can fit them in as well. When we had the Royal Albert Hall date confirmed. we booked the rest."

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Aug 12, 2010

STONE SOUR's third album, "Audio Secrecy", is now available for pre-order in three different versions:

* Standard edition
* Limited-edition two-LP version which comes with the double LP in gatefold packaging and a special signed album cover lithograph that you can't get anywhere else. Hidden throughout 30 copies of the limited edition of"Audio Secrecy" are golden tickets that will give access to a special meet-and-greet with STONE SOUR.

Limited-edition bonus tracks:

Hate Not Gone
Home Again

* Special edition of "Audio Secrecy" which includes the above-mentioned three bonus tracks and a DVD featuring a 45-minute in-studio documentary about the making of "Audio Secrecy" and video of three songs fromSTONE SOUR's performance at the U.K.'s Download festival in June 2010. 

"Audio Secrecy" is scheduled for release on September 7 via Roadrunner Records.

STONE SOUR (Taylor, guitarists James Root and Josh Rand, bassistShawn Economaki and drummer Roy Mayorga) and producer Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERSALICE IN CHAINSDEFTONES) recorded the follow-up to 2006's "Come What(ever) May" at Blackbird Studios in Nashville during the destructive storms and devastating floods that hit the historic heart of Music City. 

"Come What(ever) May" debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard album chart and included the hits "Through Glass""Sillyworld" and "Made Of Scars"

The quintet will be previewing select songs from the album during this summer's Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival. The 36-date tour launches August 17 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and will visit arenas and amphitheatres across North America before wrapping October 4 in Madison, Wisconsin.

"Say You'll Haunt Me", the new video from STONE SOUR, can be viewed below. The clip was helmed by director Paul R. Brown, who has previously worked with SLIPKNOTMÖTLEY CRÜEKORNGODSMACK andAVENGED SEVENFOLD, among others.

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